BAR Runs Around the World

Vahagn in Berlin

During 2016, let’s try to run enough miles to make it all the way around the world. That’s 24,901 miles. We’ll track the miles at each BAR event, but you can add the miles you run on your own as well using the form below. Remember, every mile helps. Thanks.

Woody in Jeddah
(I need to get better at taking selfies…)

We’re going mostly eastward with deviations north or south to get to cities. So far, we’ve made it to Christchurch, New Zealand (~17,467). The next major stop is Guam (~18,874 miles, back on US soil) then Honolulu (~22,067). Any cities of personal interest to BAR members to point out as we make our trip?

Here’s how we’re doing:

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