Mile times and Dry Creek

This was a good week of running. On Tuesday, we had our Monthly Mile with several people setting new PRs! Great job everyone, times are posted on the page. Then on Sunday, it was the first Sunday of the month which means it’s new trail time. This time we made it to Dry Creek which we missed in November due to rain. This time the trails were fine and it was a great run. Below is a photo of the trail head (granted, it was the day before our run, but still a great trail). Looking forward to next month for more mile times and new trails to explore. See you out running soon.

New track workouts and renewed site

Tonight was the first track workout using an approach that is promoted by Greg McMillan. I found out about it in his book, “You (only faster)” which has been fun to read through. The main training take away is running track workouts by time rather than by distance. I had tried to do this before, but realized that the previous workouts didn’t do a great job of it. To that end, I’m working on redoing the track workouts. Tonight’s was 5x 5-6 minutes and for those who don’t have a watch, we broke that down into distances based on the different pace groups. Hopefully, going forward, these smaller, sub-groups can continue running together on the track to encourage each other. We’ll see how it works out.

Also, we had some issues with our old site. Although we were able to get most of the data moved over to the new one, not everything came through. I’ll work to update and improving the look and feel of the site. If there were any pages or posts you used regularly that didn’t make the move, please let me know and I’ll work to recreate them. See you on a run.