BAR Fall Race Series

The series will feature a September 5K, an October Half-Marathon, a November 10K, and a December Marathon. Because all of our fall races are cancelled (or soon will be), this will hopefully give everyone a goal to train for and people to run with in a race setting. Each race will start in conjunction with one of our regularly scheduled runs. Those that complete all four races in the series will receive a Boise Area Runner’s singlet in the distinctive and famous BAR neon yellow.

The races will essentially be group time trials on a set course – there will be no official timing, no medals, no aid, and no finish line. It is up to you to use a watch to time your run and ensure the proper distance. Feel free to wear an old bib as well. There will be an opportunity to submit your race times following each run via email. Entries should include a link to Garmin Connect, Strava, or a similar app to verify times. A simple photo of your watch will do as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!



  1. 5K – Saturday, September 13 – The Coffee Mill 5K in East Boise!
  2. Half-Marathon – October date and location TBA
  3. 10K – November date and location TBA
  4. Marathon – December date and location TBA

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